urban legends

The black ambulance “I live in Romania and as a kid the most common legend was the “black ambulance” that would steal kids and harvest their organs and that kids’ bodies were to be found a few days later abandoned on a field with some money for the funeral. Also, in my town our parents […]

In Reddit’s infamous r/LetsNotMeet community, anonymous people on the internet share the true stories about their run-ins with creepy real life people. There’s something unsettling about the fact that all these scary stories (and the stories are scary) come from flesh and blood people. There’s no aliens or demons or boogeymen, just people that you […]

The “Hat Man” is an entity, possibly a shadow person, who people around the world report experiencing during episodes of sleep paralysis. He takes the shape of a man wearing a fedora or top hat who can fade away or walk through walls. Hat Man’s facial features and dress are generally not visible as he […]

A legend about a local boy who tortured neighborhood dogs, then later imprisoned and tormented human victims, has actually been found to be true Once thought to be an urban legend, research into the archives of local newspapers and tracking down a few local residents revealed that the ‘Dog Boy’ of Quitman, Arkansas actually existed. […]

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