unknown sounds

A summer camp staff member recalls frightening human-like screams & growls that he and others heard late at night in south central Wisconsin. Mutilated deer and other animals have all been found. I recently found the following account: “In the summer I work at a camp in Janesville, Wisconsin. The cabins that staff sleep in […]

3 different encounters with the Mothman or similar winged humanoid in West Virginia, Louisiana & Wales UK “I grew up in Point Pleasant, WV and lived in the Camp Conely area which is a couple miles from TNT plant (West Virginia Ordnance Works). There are 5 or 6 roads that people live on the right […]

2 strange reports of possible encounters with a Bigfoot. One involves wood knocking, the other is a running hairy hominid that suddenly vanishes. This happened a couple years ago during the late winter. I was way up in Vermont, close to the Canadian border at Smugglers Notch Ski Resort. Just for a tiny bit of […]

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