unknown entity

The following account was posted by Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research and Singular Fortean Society investigator Tobias Wayland: 21-year-old Rockford, Illinois resident Jonathan Lane contacted the Singular Fortean Society’s lead investigator Tobias Wayland last week to report a sighting of what Lane would later describe as a “giant, shapeless, black thing” with “two very large […]

A woman and her boyfriend are asleep in their cabin near Sylva, North Carolina, when she hears an unknown voice mimic her and her boyfriend. There was a rustling sound outside as well. I recently stumbled upon the following account: “This happened to me in January of 2019 in Western North Carolina around the small […]

A legend about a local boy who tortured neighborhood dogs, then later imprisoned and tormented human victims, has actually been found to be true Once thought to be an urban legend, research into the archives of local newspapers and tracking down a few local residents revealed that the ‘Dog Boy’ of Quitman, Arkansas actually existed. […]

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