unknown canine

A young man in Kerrville, Texas was walking the dog with his great aunt and uncle when they encountered an unknown canine with an extremely large head, moving in an unnatural manner. I recently received the following account: “Back in 2001, I was visiting my great-uncle in the region around Kerrville, Texas. At the time […]

For over a decade, a family has several encounters with a ‘werewolf’ or ‘wolfman’ at various locations in Hillsborough County, Florida I recently received the following account: “This incident occurred during the winter of 1991 in Hillsborough County, Florida. My mother, one of my cousins and I were coming back from a school concert. At […]

The following information was posted several years ago. I thought I’d update a bit and then repost. Even though there has been a strong influx of bipedal canine sightings in recent years, there has also been a steady number of phantom black dog reports in the UK, as well as a few in the US: […]

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