unknown beings

A man in Michigan encountered unknown beings that he believes were protecting him while he conducted his daily walk. What could these entities be? I recently received the following account: “Recently, I was walking up one of my longer road routes, and at one point, there is a small intersection. A fire road to your […]

3 weird encounters with unknown humanoids and entities. One was described as a ‘Rake’, another as a human mimic and finally a thin running being. “June 14, 2020 – 2:00 am – I heard dog barking. Went outside to see what the dog was carrying on about. I followed the dog to the edge of […]

2 different witnesses observe weird winged cryptids in Kentucky. They both wondered if they had actually seen the Mothman “Last night on November 26, 2019, my best friend and I were driving from Washington DC to Louisville, Kentucky. We had just passed the “Welcome to Kentucky” sign and it was very dark. Then, we saw […]

The following accounts describe 3 different incidents told to me over the years: Three Amish men were working in their field near Strasburg in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania when an odd looking man approached them from the direction of a neighboring farm. The man was yelling and jumping about. The Amish men were alarmed and noticed […]

I was visiting the beach in Oregon with a few friends for one of their birthdays. We were driving down the street the house was on and since I was sitting in the back, I didn’t have much to focus on besides looking out the window. Flying far above a hill (about where I see […]

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