Nikola Tesla and UFOs of Venus: FBI declassified files, books and testimonies speak of a connection between Venus and the famous inventor. One of the FBI’s declassified files speaks of Tesla being an alien from Venus , and who came to Earth in 1856 in a spaceship. Other testimonies, such as from a person close to the scientist, also present the […]

A radio telescope has detected a fast radio burst from another galaxy that appears to pulsate in a regular 16-day cycle, according to a new paper on the pre-print server arXiv, which has not yet been peer-reviewed. Nothing like this has been seen before. If these conclusions are on the money, it’s the first time that fast radio […]

Urban exploration is easily my favorite trend on the internet. Photographers from all over the world have taken to their own backyards and wandered the abandoned buildings and towns nearby. It’s easy to see why these abandoned buildings have become the scene in front of the camera because they are not only beautiful, but incredibly […]

These supremely stable particles could explain dark matter. After decades of poking around in the math behind the glue holding the innards of all matter together, physicists have found a strange hypothetical particle, one that has never appeared in any experiment. Called a sexaquark, the oddball is made up of a funky arrangement of six […]

This funny image with two of the famous Easter Island statues sitting with their body and folded arms under the ground is not as far from reality as one might think. We all have seen the iconic images of the Easter Island heads – at least on photos and videos. Yet, not many of us know […]

Was this 18,000-year-old puppy frozen in Siberian permafrost the ancestor of wolves, dogs or both? Image credits: Sergey Fedorov Meet Dogor, an 18,000-year-old pup recently unearthed in Siberian permafrost whose name means ‘friend’ in the Yakut language. The remains of the prehistoric pup are baffling researchers because genetic testing shows it’s not a wolf or a […]

ANTARCTICA scientists were stunned by the results of a 400-foot drill into the ice sheet, perhaps revealing a glimpse into the Earth’s future. [embedded content] Antarctica is the planet’s southernmost continent where the geographic South Pole is located and is home to some 1,000 scientists attempting to understand more about the history of Earth and the effects of climate change. However, […]

Cameras on the International Space Station have reportedly captured images of soundwaves travelling across Earth at high speeds, believed by some people to be a new form of ‘space technology’. The photos were captured by NASA above the Atlantic ocean, and, from space, show a particularly strange cloud formation that looks uncannily like it may have been created […]

Law enforcement in Colorado and Nebraska have received numerous reports about mysterious drones flying by night over rural parts of the states in recent weeks. It’s unclear who the drones belong to or what they are doing, and they’ve unnerved residents, the New York Times reported. The sightings started around mid-December and most have been between sunset and […]

BABA VANGA is hailed by many as the most prominent mystic and prophet of the 20th century – but what did the blind Bulgarian predict will happen in 2020? Here are some of Baba Vanga’s most terrifying prophecies alongside a leading psychic’s new year predictions. Baba Vanga’s followers often refer to the mysterious woman as […]

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