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Here’s one possible UFO sighting of a cigar-shaped object flying in the daytime sky above Warren in Ohio. This happened on 26th July 2020. Witness […]

1. “When are you having kids?” or “I just don’t see how you can be happy without kids.” Basically anything that equates “femininity” or “being a woman” to “pop things out of your uterus.” The same way lots of toxic masculinity boils down to “men use their muscles.” 2. “I’m not like other girls.” 3. […]

1. After sending a text. Sometimes I’ll be in a good mood, ready to socialize, and will text a friend to check in on them. But by the time they text me back, my anxiety will overtake me. I won’t want to have a conversation anymore. I’ll be nervous the entire time I’m waiting for […]

It’s very easy to get caught up in routine, I’m working on a new project currently but ultimately routine and life get in the way. Historically I’ve always struggled with this I’ll have 1 good day committing and smashing goals and then it will take me a few days to do it again. How can […]

New footage of a bright unidentified flying object that was filmed in the sky above Lakeview, Ohio. This event happened on 18th July 2020. Witness […]

If you like this post message me, "Millionaire," to join the private mastermind group. Make sure you are following r/Crimsonpill I notice many guys who always stressed out about age. They either think they are too young or too old to live their dreams. I say most of you guys need to permit yourself to […]

1. Scrubbs Lane, Nr Bishops Sutton, Hampshire 2. The Ridgeway, Nr The White Horse Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire 3. Etchilhampton Hill, Nr Mixon, Wiltshire 4. Yarnbury […]

This fast UFO was recorded by a witness in Grants Pass, Oregon during a thunderstorm on 10th July 2020. Witness report: Was filming thunder storm […]

This crop circle was found in Ammersee (South End), West of Munich in Bavaria, Germany on 26th July 2020. Don’t forget to follow us on […]

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