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There’s a viral TikTok that says men don’t like women, they just like sleeping with women to get validation from other men. This is one of those weird ideas that immediately feels true, not necessarily because this is what actually happens, but because it reveals the need for something to explain why straight women have […]

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This daytime UFO footage of triangular formation making maneuvers in the sky above Argentina was filmed on 9th January 2021 and submitted to me through […]

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Aries: People can’t keep up with you The truth is, people really want to be your friend! You seem like fun, and you want people to have a great experience! Yet, at times, you get so excited that you become impulsive- you change plans frequently, you don’t really stick to consistency, and you get ahead […]

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Another great footage of a UFO activity near volcanoes in Mexico. This one was filmed near San Nicolás de Los Ranchos in southeastern Mexico on […]

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