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Hey folks…as some of you have noted, on the mobile web version of the blog, the text is blacked out. It’s a glitch in the Blogger software. I cannot fix it…unless there are enough complaints made where Google will update it. May I suggest you use the post direct link on mobile (don’t use the […]

UFOs harassed US warships for several days in July 2019, according to the newly-released information from the logs of US warships. The USS Kidd, USS […]

Of course, there'll be some I missed. Please comment below and I'll add it in. Honestly, with this subs potential, we could really improve a lot here for us men. View Poll submitted by /u/00101121 [link] [comments]

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You are here: Home / Latest and Greatest / The Call of Mt Kilimanjaro with Jeff Belanger – Paranormal Podcast 680 April 6, 2021 By Jim Harold Usually he is writing about paranormal legends. On this episode, Jeff Belanger talks to us about the spiritual journey of a lifetime. The harrowing account of scaling Mt. […]

Imagine if this sub became a go-to hub for men who want to better themselves. Men who want to share and seek knowledge with/from like-minded peers. Instead, we have a sub where people just post links to their own YouTube videos. Am I the only one here with this opinion? If so, I'm not sure […]

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This UFO was filmed back in 2017 but it was submitted to MUFON’s website today. It happened over Houston, Texas. Witness report: One Night, On […]

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Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio told TMZ recently he’s worried by the lack of information on the stuff flying over our facilities. Rubio said that […]

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