A young man in Kerrville, Texas was walking the dog with his great aunt and uncle when they encountered an unknown canine with an extremely large head, moving in an unnatural manner. I recently received the following account: “Back in 2001, I was visiting my great-uncle in the region around Kerrville, Texas. At the time […]

A Dewitt County, Texas resident is walking around his town at night, when he suddenly encounters a bizarre pale white crawling humanoid. He believes that the being is stalking him and causing a string of bad luck. The following account was recently forwarded to me: “This encounter took place on January 12th, 2019 in Dewitt […]

A woman and her husband are camping in Angelina National Forest. Their RV won’t start, so she walks toward the ranger station to get help. On the way, she and her dog hear a loud roar that literally creates panic The following account was recently forwarded to me: “I had an experience in the Angelina […]

“FOUR LITTLE FOOT CREATURES” SIGHTING REPORT by Sharon Cornet Lon Strickler’s initial report: Small Hairy Hominids Observed by Fossil Hunters in West Texas Flatlands INFORMANT: RG2nd WITNESS: RG2 (age 14)LOCATION: 4 miles south of Fort Stockton, TX in the Davis mountains while fossil huntingDATE OF THIS REPORT: 7/30/2020 (initial interview 7/14)INVESTIGATOR: Sharon Cornet, Affiliate with Phantom […]

2 different terrifying encounters with a Bigfoot. One was scary incident with the Salt Creek Monster in Lincoln, Illinois and the other by a truck driving who approached a Bigfoot eating roadkill in southern Texas. I recently found the following accounts: “I live near Lincoln, Illinois, which is located in Central Illinois. It is 30 […]

A Texas resident recalls 2 bizarre encounters, one with a cryptid big cat and the other with a upright canine shapeshifter. I received the following accounts from the same Texas witness: Believe it or don’t, these things happened, and I have never been able to explain them away. To briefly open, I am 60 years […]

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