A father and son are hunting hogs on a private ranch near Uvalde, Texas. They come across a brightly clothed mannequin and suddenly become overwhelmed by dread and fear. Very weird. What are your thoughts? I recently came across this bizarre account: “This happened when I was growing up, around 2004 or 2005 when I […]

2 friends were hunting near Meridian, Texas in the late 1970s, when they encountered a large hairy cryptid attempting to hide behind a tree. The evidence and their assumption was that this was a Bigfoot. I recently came across the following account: “This happened in the late 70s as far as my father can remember. […]

2 U.S. Army soldiers were stationed at Fort Hood, Texas when they encountered unexplained activity while guarding artillery late one night. What do you think it was? Recently came across this strange account: “This event took place about 1992. I was just a young man and in the military. I was stationed at Fort Hood, […]

A pair of Border Patrol Agents are on an errand, driving east on I-10 towards San Antonio, Texas. In need of gas, they pull off the highway and then enter into a possible time slip. Weird incident. I recently received the following account from Kyle & Cam at Expanded Perspectives: “Back when I was a […]

A concerned mother inquires about encounters that her son and his friends have had with a pale humanoid in the rural area around they’re home outside of Houston, Texas. I recently found the following inquiry: “I’m a concerned mother. We live in a small town, considered semi-rural, over an hour outside Houston, Texas. My son […]

A teen girl is hounded by a malevolent energy in the Texas apartment shared by her and her mother. A native neighbor and uncle were able to ‘bind’ the offending entity eventually. Interesting account. The following account was forwarded to me: ‘When I was around 13 or so, my mom and I lived in an […]

2 young Texas men are in a blind, hunting for hogs, when they noticed a rancid odor and grunting sounds from behind them. Something literally rocks the blind, but they never see what it was. The following account was recently referred to me: “This happened to my buddy and me when I was at college […]

A young Texas woman and her girl friend encounter a bizarre female-like humanoid that just didn’t seem to ‘fit it.’ Is it possible that this is a non-human entity attempting to look human? The following account was recently posted on social media: “This happened about a year and a half ago. My friend and I […]

A Ft. Worth, Texas resident recalls a tall pale figure in black clothing suddenly standing in her bedroom. Then later, her and her boyfriend encounter an unknown light shining down on their car. I recently received the following account: “This occurred while I was living in Ft. Orth, Texas back in November 1987. I had […]

3 separate Bigfoot encounter accounts in Colorado, Texas and British Columbia. The scenarios include wood knocking, strange howling and predation. These accounts were recently posted on various social media sites: “I’ve lived around the Rocky Mountains all my life. I have also done a lot of camping. I’ve always been into Bigfoot shows and heard […]

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