A northwest Ohio resident described unnatural activity near his property. Recently, while walking his dog, bizarre and frightening sounds emanated from the cornfield. What was it? The following account was recently posted: “This has been freaking me out for the past few days since it’s happened. I want to start by saying that everything that […]

Was the grand American experiment of representative democracy spurred on by a supernatural being? Some believe that a spectre made its presence known to the founding fathers.  In 1944, Manly Palmer Hall, a Rosicrucian and a member of the Philosophical Research Society wrote ‘The Secret Destiny of America.’ The following is an excerpt from his […]

1. Not me but a friend used to work as a night custodian for an elementary school, which the building itself was rather old (built in the 40s maybe?). He was the 3rd shift guy so he took over from the 2nd shift guy at like 9 pm. He was basically there to mop the […]

I received the following email many years ago: My question to you is ‘have I seen something unusual?’ In August of 2006, I was working in Northern California and was interested in finding Bigfoot prints. I have a friend who is a member of the Hoopa First Nation. I contacted him and then spoke to […]

My encounter happened on the second Saturday of November of 2010 in central Texas. Let’s just say I don’t hunt anymore. I worked late Friday which put me up later Saturday than planned. So I decided on a late day hunt. I figured I’d go out around 3 pm and sit in the pop-up ground […]

This happened while I was doing my army service in Switzerland in the Alps. I am not allowed to talk about what we were doing but I’ll try to keep things clear. My company had installed a huge antenna and it had to be guarded by two soldiers day and night. We were on a […]

“My Aunt’s ashes were spread along the trail next to the river (in Roan Mountain State Park in Tennessee). I have pictures of odd energy and spirals from the day my family spread the ashes. The photos are of my cousin’s young children. That was 6 years ago (around 2013) and I visit the spot […]

Entity description: Brown, wrinkly, 1-1.5 ft. in heightTime: Around 3 am GST +1 – Fall 2008Place: Drammen, Buskerud, NorwayState of mind: No drugs, alcohol, medication or any history of mental illness. I had never experienced any hallucinations before or after. It was not a hypnagogic state as I was fully awake and thinking about the […]

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