strange encounters

A resident of Roseburg, Oregon describes a bizarre encounter with a huge deer buck standing in the road at night, seemingly feeding on a Mastiff sized raccoon carcass. They also mention the weird activity in the area. The following account was referred to me by an associate: “What did I see? Okay so I’ll start […]

2 strange incidents recently reported to me. One was a ‘glimmer man’ entity in the upstairs hallway, and the other was an encounter with a glowing white dog. “In early March of 2020, I was sitting upright in my upstairs master bedroom feeding my 3 month old daughter a bottle. The TV was off, it […]

Here are a few recently reported Bigfoot incidents: Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA “Let me tell you. There are many things that can’t be explained, and so many beings we don’t know are alive. I want to say it was 12 years ago in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I went to the outhouse, I […]

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