A California man, who worked near Vandenberg AFB, had an encounter with an upright cryptid canine that he believed was a Skinwalker. The following account was found on social media: “I used to work on Vandenberg AFB near Lompoc, California. My office was on top of the mountain that was ceremonial Chumash land. Whenever ground […]

A man is with friends on a mesa outside of Albuquerque, NM when he encounters a coyote that stands on its back legs and seems to transform into a native man. This is another account I had stashed in my JC Johnson file: “in 2004, I was out with some friends on the mesa outside […]

A couple had just left Monticello, Utah along US 491 when they noticed an unknown being quickly approaching them. It eventually caught up to the car and incited terror in the witnesses. I recently received the following account: “In the summer of 2010, we were driving along US 491 near Monticello, Utah. We had pulled […]

A pair of friends in southern Nevada hear strange noises outside the window one night. The next morning, they discover canine and human tracks. Was it a skinwalker? This recent encounter was forwarded to me: “I live in rural Southern Nevada. A buddy of mine and I encountered what we believe to be a skinwalker […]

A group of friends and relatives make their way to the Navajo reservation from Southern California to explore the area. One night they encounter a series of strange incidents that they believe were skinwalker related. I’ve been going back into my archives and pulling out older accounts that I had not posted. Several of the […]

A strange encounter, at a residence on the Navajo Nation reservation in Arizona, seems to be related to a Skinwalker. It had taken the form of a disheveled young white woman who entered the dwelling. I recently found the following account is one of my old Jc Johnson databases: “This story happened to my friend’s […]

A Navajo man is attending a ritual ceremony when he decides to take a break. When outside the hogan, he encounters a frightening entity that was no doubt a Skinwalker. The following account was recently referred to me: “To start with, I am a white female. I was adopted seven years ago by a Navajo […]

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