In May 2012, Jc Johnson revealed a lost video from an interview he had with a Navajo man in 2008 that involved what the witness referred to as a ‘Wolfen.’ The following article was presented in May 2012: In May 2012, Jc Johnson of Crypto Four Corners posted a video titled Wes and the Wolfens. […]

A Texas resident recalls 2 bizarre encounters, one with a cryptid big cat and the other with a upright canine shapeshifter. I received the following accounts from the same Texas witness: Believe it or don’t, these things happened, and I have never been able to explain them away. To briefly open, I am 60 years […]

My mom recently shared a strange and creepy experience she and her siblings & parents witnessed when she was younger at around 6 years of age. My mom is a very elegant, classy, prim and proper woman who would not be the type of person to lie about this just to scare someone. Also, my […]

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