A Pottstown, Pennsylvania resident and her friends have had sightings and strange encounters with a canine cryptid at various times and locations. We are investigating. I recently received the following information: “I was born and raised in Pottstown, PA and currently still live here. The sighting was an hour west from Philadelphia and half an […]

A couple experience a Bigfoot attack while in their car on a mountain in south Williamsport, Pennsylvania. I have learned that the location is well-known for Bigfoot activity. I recently received the following account: “I experienced a strange incident in north central Pennsylvania. It will never be forgotten. Just thinking about this story still makes […]

A young boy and his friend observe a saucer-shaped craft land near Danville, PA in 1897. They approached the craft and describe how hot it was. It left a crater after it had ascended. I recently received the following account: “Hi Lon. People talk of UFOs/UAPs being “government issue” so to speak. But what about […]

The late night angry roar and damaged screen door generated by a cryptid beast disturbs a rural family in Indiana County, Pennsylvania. Without saying, they knew what it was.  The following account was in response to an earlier post: “This incident occurred during the summer of 1983 as I was about to begin my senior […]

Numerous UFO Sightings Are Being Reported in the Pittsburgh Area and From Across Pennsylvania. March 29, 2021 From Researcher: Stan Gordon: There has been a surge of UFO sightings reported from the greater Pittsburgh area as well as from other locations in the state in recent weeks. I have been receiving an increase in direct […]

On February 14, 2002 two brothers (Steve & Dennis Gates), in the area of the Waynesboro Reservoir / treatment plant, discover over 300 unusual tracks that trek the distance of the reservoir. The location is within the Michaux State Forest in the South Mountain area in south central Pennsylvania. The East Branch Antietam Creek flows […]

An eyewitness from southwest Pennsylvania describes 3 possible encounters with Bigfoot at 3 separate locations in Somerset and Fayette counties. I recently came across the following information: 1st INCIDENT My first encounter was in the woods by Meyersdale, PA. My 2 friends and I were playing paintball and it got dark. It was about 10:30 […]

I received an account about an apparent kidnapping of 2 young boys by two other ‘black-eyed boys’ in Elk County, Pennsylvania in the late 1970’s. Very creepy. I recently came across the following account in one of my databases. I don’t believe that I’ve posted it before: “It was the late 1970’s and my sons […]

A group of friends in Philadelphia encounter a strange black humanoid shape while exploring the Downingtown, PA ‘Twin Tunnels.’ Another similar incident account follows. The following thread was recently referred to me: “I’ve been curious for years if anyone has ever seen the creature that crossed my path in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I was […]

During the Friday February 26, 2021 episode of Arcane Radio, Butch Witkowski and I discussed a renewed effort to gather further information in reference to the Todd Sees unexplained death investigation: This has been an ongoing, though slow and tedious, investigation. The most up-to-date information is located at this link. It is well-known that many […]

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