pale crawler humanoid

4 different pale crawler humanoid encounters from New York, Texas, California and Spain. What are people encountering? What do these strange entities want? I recently received the following accounts: “So a few years ago, my husband was driving home and it was around probably 10PM. He saw something on the side of the road crouched […]

A young woman describes two separate pale humanoid encounters, both occurring in the Sacramento, CA area. What are these beings and what do they want? I recently came across the following account: “This incident takes place in the Sacramento, CA area. It was about two years ago now. It was winter, night time, around 2 […]

A woman in suburban NYC describes an encounter her boyfriend had with an apparent pale crawler humanoid. As usual, it didn’t appear aggressive, though it did produce a weird clicking / growling sound. I recently came across the following account: “So this happened about 2 years ago. I’m closer to NYC, but outside of Westchester […]

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