I recently received the following information from Manuel Navarette at UFO Clearinghouse: Incident Date: 10/19/2019 @ Approximately 2200 Reported Date: 10/23/2019 Source: UFO Clearinghouse Status: Investigator has already reached out to the witness Sighting Description: We were staying at the Edward Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois for a wedding we were attending that was being held […]

I recently received the following email: Friday October 5, 2019 around 10 pm my 17yo son and I were coming home through Richmond, Illinois. He wanted McDonald’s. We took the back roads home (we live in Wisconsin on border) and on Rt 173 and Broadway (I believe it’s Broadway) we both saw something very tall […]

This is a follow-up to Possible ‘Chicago Mothman’ Recently Observed in Rosemont, Illinois. The witness eventually contacted me by email and by telephone. He was very wary after filing his initial report with MUFON, then having an undesirable discussion with the field investigator. He then searched Google and found my contact information. His first email […]

The following information was posted at Manuel Navarette’s UFO Clearinghouse via MUFON UFO Stalker. Hopefully, our team can find the witness in order to get more information: Sighting Basics Case 103855Sighted – 2019-10-05 21:45Submitted – 2019-10-07 10:09(Reported 1 Day Later)Source – MUFONSummary – Tall thin winged creature Sighting Location Approximation to protect the reporters identityCity […]

This report was recently referred to me. I’m attempting to find out when this particular sighting occurred: There’s something haunting the woods of Mount Shasta. I don’t know what it is, but I think I’ve seen it twice. Before I moved to Mount Shasta I heard all the strange stories about the area, weird disappearances, […]

I recently received the following account: “I recently came across your article on the Chicago Owlman. I, along with another witness, have seen this creature, or one similar. This was somewhere between 2001-2004. We were quite young at the time. This was in Alsip, IL, right by the intersection of 128th Pl and Cicero. I […]

On Monday August 12, 2019 I received an email and then a telephone call from Mark Hagan of the South Shore Ghostbusters. He wanted to report a sighting of a large winged humanoid in the Hammond, Indiana area, which occurred August 2018. The coordinates of the sighting was 41.656717, -87.508381: Hagan’s statement: It was August […]

I recently found the following account: I was driving home with my brother between 12 and 2 AM. I had just gotten on the highway and in the middle divider of the road my headlights shined on giant man at least 8 to 9 feet tall and his skin was all charcoal grey. He wasn’t […]

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