Should we fear Ouija Boards? Ouija expert Karen A. Dahlman joins us to discuss that topic and share some compelling history of spirit boards. Click the play button or the icon of your favorite podcast app to listen NOW! In part two, Robert Simmons talks to us about the magical, mystical properties of stones! You […]

3 accounts from different witnesses – encountering a Bigfoot in a cave, Ouija manifesting black creature and bizarre voices from the void! “My sister and I were in a cave where the smell was disgusting. When we went to leave, there was this big reddish thing standing against the wall. Now I know it was […]

Are Ouija Boards dangerous? Our caller says…you’ll have to tune in to find out! Shadow people, strange dreams, UFOs and more on this super sized Campfire. Enjoy! –Zip Recruiter– Jim Harold’s Campfire is brought to you by Zip Recruiter. Businesses of all sizes trust ZipRecruiter for their hiring needs. Right now, my listeners can try […]

As many of my readers and associates are aware, I’m not keen on the use of Ouija. In fact, I have occasionally experienced an abrupt reaction when in the presence of a well-used spirit board (my friend & colleague Sean Forker will attest to that). Divination tools (tarot, runes, crystals, pendulums, etc.), in my experience, […]

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