I am posting the following email that I received from one of the producers of the Discovery Channel’s ‘Expedition X’ TV show. If you are interested, please feel free to contact Margie: Hi Lon It was nice chatting with you today.  Again, we are putting together a Crater Lake episode for our 3rd season of […]

A resident of Roseburg, Oregon describes a bizarre encounter with a huge deer buck standing in the road at night, seemingly feeding on a Mastiff sized raccoon carcass. They also mention the weird activity in the area. The following account was referred to me by an associate: “What did I see? Okay so I’ll start […]

A Oregon woman and her friend are at a campground in a forested area near the coast. She encountered a hyena-like canine later during the night. I recently found the following account: “It was 2015 and I had gone camping with three friends. This was like the 3rd time camping ever, and we were at […]

2 alien entity encounter incident by witnesses in Texas and Oregon. Each account describes the characteristics and clothes / suits worn by these beings. The following accounts describe entity encounters in Texas and Oregon: A man, Myron, claims that in 1973, he, his brother and two friends, were coming home from a karate tournament one […]

A group of Boy Scouts follow large tracks in the snow and come across a clearing with mangled birch trees and an old concrete culvert pipe that looked and smelled like it could have been a Sasquatch bed. This occurred near Mount Hood, Oregon. An interesting and detailed account. The following information was recently forwarded […]

The following account is one of the more terrifying BEK incidents that I have read: Please don’t take this lightly and stay safe. Here is what happened to me two nights ago. I was encouraged by friends who tell me people need to know what I’ve experienced. I recently moved into a condo in southeast […]

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