In 2006, Brian Shaffer was a 27-year-old medical student at Ohio State University. He might have hoped he would be famous one day for curing an obscure disease or saving someone’s life. He probably never imagined he would become famous for being at the center of a particularly creepy unsolved mystery. Brian completed his undergraduate […]

One man’s personal weird experiences are documented by his son, including an upright canine, strange man in the woods and a fire-starting malevolent entity. I recently received the following account: “My dad used to haul stuff all around the woods in northwest Ohio. He always tells me stories about things he’s seen. One night he […]

A witness in Rock Creek, Ohio encounters a tall glowing white humanoid one day in 2011, which they believe may have been a alien being. The following account was recently posted on social media: “Back in 2011, a group of friends and me were hanging out on my family friend’s property in Rock Creek, Ohio. […]

A Portage County, Ohio woman describes her encounters with a possible Dogman and various incidents involving Bigfoot in her area. I recently received the following account: “Hello. I live in northeast Ohio and the area I’m going to tell you about is a country township. There’s one blinking traffic light and lots of woods, farms […]

A group of friends were riding in a van at night in Jefferson Township, Ohio when they encountered a huge upright canine standing in the ditch along the road. The following account was recently sent to me: “One night in 2005 we had crossed onto Stacey Rd in Jefferson Township, Ohio, going between 30 and […]

2 accounts of possible cryptid canines encountered in and around Arlington, Ohio (Hancock County) by different witnesses. I found the founding account: “When I was a teen back in the early 2000s I had a great fascination with werewolves. My uncle told me of this time when he and a friend were driving around Arlington, […]

A Ohio teen and his mother encounter a bizarre deer/canine-like humanoid with human-like skin while driving at night near Gallipolis. The following account was recently forwarded to me: “This story is from a few years ago but my mother and I remember every single detail of what happened, but I would like some advice. I’m […]

A woman is driving with friends along the Ohio River near Chesapeake, OH when she observes a tall dark shrouded humanoid. She later encounters the same being when driving by the same area not long later. The following account was recently posted by a Facebook user. I have contacted this witness in hope of discussing […]

4 distinct and interesting ‘Mothman’ encounter accounts from Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Georgia I received the following email from a woman in Ohio who had concerns in reference to a sighting her and a girlfriend had six months prior to the report. She stated that she substituted their names for anonymity. ‘Megan’ affirms that […]

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