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I recently received a telephone call from a witness (‘CS’) and his friend in reference to a Bigfoot encounter. The incident took place on Friday August 24, 2019 in the late afternoon in the woods behind CS’s house. He and his family had just moved to the location about one week before the incident. The […]

“I have seen this (werewolf creature) as well, however mine spoke to me and ran toward me. I was 14, so over 24 years ago (1995). Had been using Ouija boards for weeks prior with my friend Angela and had contacted what we thought was a little girl named, ‘Emily Carter’. My friends and I […]

“In the early 1980s, I lived in a house on a little hill above a cul-de-sac in Tennessee. I was leaving my house one day to get into my car parked in my driveway beside my house. As I was descending my front steps there was a big, black, shiny, sedan with dark tinted windows […]

I recently received a telephone call from ‘RE’ who lives in Schenectady, NY: RE stated that in the Autumn of 2014 he was working as a long-haul driver for an express company. This particular evening, around 10 PM, he had stopped at a Pilot Flying J truck stop to gas up and take a break. […]

Jaffe in South Korea called in to tell of his girlfriend’s experience: What happened… I had a girlfriend and basically she careened off the road. She was driving along in a van. She had a couple of her kids with her and she just lost control on one of these roads up in central interior […]

“It was the summer of 2000 in Knox County, Missouri near a small village called “Colony” and just north of there, the North Fabius River where there is a concrete bridge. I would fish on this small river, a lot of times underneath the bridge where there was usually a pretty good deep hole to […]

A SEWER MONSTER 8 FOOT TALL MONSTER REPORTED IN CITY SEWER Buena Park, Calif. (UPI): Police said they have received more than 200 telephone calls from people curious about reports of an 8-foot-tall, man-like creature living in the city’s sewer system. “Buena Foot” failed to appear at a “monster watch,” but two men using divining […]

“OK here we go. Had a few paranormal experiences but here is the psychic angel one. I was in a really bad time in my life and recently broke up with my girlfriend. Another girlfriend had just passed on a few years before that. I was horribly depressed even at a gathering of friends at […]

I received the following image and information from Tobias Wayland of The Singular Fortean Society and of Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research ********** Black Triangle Observed Near Air Force Base “14 years ago myself and my two kids saw something very similar (a black triangle). We were driving to Seattle in the middle of the […]

“I’ve had a sort of MIB experience. I was somewhere around 9 and it was probably February, so small bits of snow came down. I live in Arizona, so at the time, I hadn’t seen snow since I was hardly 4. This snow was so few that it usually melted before it hit the ground, […]

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