Nova Scotia

A sighting of a biped cryptid wolf chasing a deer and an eviscerated cow in Pictou County, Nova Scotia raised concerns that a ‘werewolf’ was in the area. I recently received the following information: “There was a supposed werewolf sighting in Glengarry, Nova Scotia in Pictou County on the 1st Sunday in March 2012. Robert MacLean […]

An interesting account from colonial Nova Scotia involving a man who supposedly transformed into a werewolf and eventually killed his baby daughter. He was convicted of murder, and later committed suicide in jail. The following account was sent to me by a colleague in Nova Scotia: This account was written by author Theodore Hennigar and […]

A young camper is approached by a tall pale humanoid while sitting on a trail bench in the Ovens National Park in Nova Scotia at night. Was it a spirit or an actual living being? “Before this incident, I had never had a paranormal experience in my life. That being said, my boyfriend seems to […]

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