North Carolina

2 friends are driving at night in the eastern North Carolina flatlands when they suddenly encounter a extremely tall and lanky canine cryptid on the side of the road. The following account was recently posted on social media: “This still bothers me to this day. I was in high school at the time and it […]

A woman in North Carolina has 2 encounters in her bedroom. One with a group of ‘Greys.’ During the 2nd encounter she experienced a probe inserted in her without observing any entities. I received this account several years ago. This is the first time I have posted: “This is an event that happened many years […]

A witness in Durham, North Carolina recently encounters a bizarre canine-like cryptid that has left them dumbfounded. This recent account was forwarded to me by a reader: “I’m writing from Durham, North Carolina. I’m not going to assume that what I saw was an actual cryptid, but I’ve spent nearly 4 hours trying to figure […]

This is a tale of confrontation between 2 beasts in the North Carolina mountains. ‘Wolf Thing’ vs ‘Captain, the Black Bear.’ I came across the following interesting account: This was not a report I myself witnessed but instead one my grandmother told me about that my aunt later corroborated independently so I think they’re trustworthy. […]

  A young native woman, living in a small community in coastal North Carolina, describes her family’s experiences with the legendary Wampus Cat. I recently came across this interesting account: I live on the edge of the North Carolina coast, and have been in this beach town my whole life. You get a few miles […]

  A group of teens were at a veterans cemetery in Black Mountain, North Carolina at night when they encountered a pair of ‘red eyes’ peering from the top of a military tombstone. The Bigfoot stood and revealed itself when they approached it. I recently received a telephone call from ‘JP’ in reference to a […]

A woman and her boyfriend are asleep in their cabin near Sylva, North Carolina, when she hears an unknown voice mimic her and her boyfriend. There was a rustling sound outside as well. I recently stumbled upon the following account: “This happened to me in January of 2019 in Western North Carolina around the small […]

A North Carolina man is camping in the Uwharrie National Forest when he encounters a small white light and then experiences several whooping sounds and other frightening noises. He later compares it to the Sierra Sounds recording. I found the following recent encounter account: “I have experienced something this week truly phenomenal that I cannot […]

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