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A CHINESE virologist who fled to the US after alleging China covered up the Covid outbreak has insisted the virus is an “unrestricted bioweapon” that leaked from a Wuhan lab. Whistleblower Dr Li Meng-Yan even claims that a trove of Dr Anthony Fauci’s emails proves her allegations and that he was among scientists who knew about […]

PIERS Morgan has called for China to be punished for mass manslaughter if the lab leak theory proves to be true. The TV firebrand has hit out amid growing suspicions that Wuhan Institute of Virology engineered the virus to be more deadly before it escaped and globally killed millions of people. Read our coronavirus live […]

“QANON Rep” Marjorie Taylor Greene has been accused of lying about being held hostage for five hours by a gun-toting classmate at school. The Republican congresswoman recounted her alleged ordeal as she refused to apologize for hounding Parkland massacre survivor David Hogg. Rex Features Marjorie Taylor Greene claimed a teenage gunman held her hostage for […]

A FORMER CIA operative is probing a diary thought to be filled with hidden code which could finally unlock the baffling Roswell UFO mystery. Ben Smith has been called in to lead a thorough new investigation to determine once and for all what crashed into the sands of New Mexico nearly 75 years ago. Getty […]

WRECKAGE from the Roswell UFO incident could still be buried in the desert, an expert has claimed. The astonishing revelation is made in a startling new six-part documentary which sets out to get the bottom of the world’s most baffling UFO mystery. Sky History Former CIA operative Ben Smith has been working with geophysicists[/caption] Sky […]

A BUSINESSWOMAN has told how she became brainwashed by QAnon – leaving her in a downward spiral that sent her to rehab and almost destroyed her marriage.  Melissa Rein Lively bravely opened up to The Sun Online about her hellish experience as she was sucked down the rabbit hole of the violent conspiracy theory which […]

UFOs detected traveling at “unprecedented speeds” by US Navy nuke submarines may come from an underwater base, it has been claimed. The Pentagon is said to have confirmed footage showing a mysterious pyramid as genuine ahead of a potentially explosive official report on numerous UFO sightings. Fox US Navy submarines have detected “unknown” craft travelling […]

MALCOLM X’s family are demanding the reopening of a murder investigation into the civil rights leader’s 1965 assassination.  They have released new evidence – a deathbed letter from a policeman – which they claim shows the NYPD and FBI conspired in his murder. Hulton Archive – Getty It is almost 56 years since the day […]

A CONSPIRACY theory in Texas claims the severe snow brought by a freezing winter storm is actually fake and was sent by Bill Gates to fuel climate change fears. While the US continues its recovery after being hit by storm Uri last week, TikTok users are spreading the bogus claims with some rather bizarre videos. […]

CONSPIRACY theorist Alex Jones is reportedly being investigated for allegedly threatening to push a Trump-supporting political organizer off an event stage during a Stop the Steal rally. The “InfoWars” conspiracist is allegedly a suspect after a woman named Kylie Jane Kremer told Washington D.C. police someone threatened to cause her physical harm at the rally […]

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