New York

Does ‘Indrid Cold’ still exist? Was a recent ‘Mothman’ encounter in Hartwick, New York connected to the incidents in Point Pleasant & Parkersburg, WV in 1966-67? A friend and associate investigator, Gabriel L. from NYC (who is also a haunting experiencer and intuitive), forwarded the following report on 4/10/2021: I had been contacted by Jessica […]

A group of friends encounter a tall green-eyed blackish-skinned humanoid while driving at night in a small upstate New York town. I came across the following account in social media: “This took place in 2007, and I was young but even after all these years, I cannot figure out what the heck I saw. I […]

A young woman recalls her experience in the woods near her home in Albion, New York. She encountered an unknown creature that emanated an extremely frightening growl. The following account was recently forwarded to me: “One summer day in Albion, NY, when I was a kid, I went for a walk in woods I commonly […]

A witness in North Utica, New York post an image of an unknown glowing white humanoid in the nearby woods. What is this? This image was posted on social media. What are your thoughts?: North Utica, New York 2019-08-31 10:10PM I saw strange lights in a wooded area. I grabbed my camera and went to […]

A New York woman had an encounter with a 6 foot tall entity with the mantis shaped head. Since that incident, she believes she may have been abducted because of lost time. I received the following account after my post the previous day: “This is in response to your recent post about a mantis-like entity. […]

A New York state hiker is in Adirondack Park when he encounters a broad grayish/silver Bigfoot that broke cover in front of him. It ducked in and out of the brush several times. I recently received the following account from the witness: “On the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend 2017, I believe it was May […]

A hunter in upstate New York encounters 2 large-headed quadruped coyote-like dogs that literally transform into 8 foot tall upright canines with green eyes. The following account was recently forwarded to me: I was staying with my brother and father at cabin on a hunting retreat in the upper part of New York state near […]

A witness in upstate New York recalls his encounters with a Bigfoot near his home and in the neighborhood. I recently received the following report: “In February of 2013, I was shoveling a path down the driveway for my daughter to get to the school bus. It was about 5:30 in the morning, still dark […]

A landscaper in Hyde Park, New York reports that she observed a Bigfoot crashing through the vegetation, and then it ascends a tree. The creature was also seen swinging from tree to tree.The following was posted on Facebook by Gayle J. Beatty:“On July 2, I received a phone call from a woman that was working […]

3 separate frightening encounters with human-like beings on Sugarloaf Mountain, Arkansas, New York’s Adirondacks and in Rossville, Illinois. “Years ago, while hiking with my girlfriend in a very isolated area on Sugarloaf Mountain, Arkansas, we discovered we were being stalked. It was late in the day, not dark yet, but getting there. We were on […]

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