On July 24, 2014 April Dawn Millsap did something women and girls all over the world do every day. The 14-year-old took her dog for a walk on a popular hiking trail. The trail she chose was the Macomb Orchard Trail in Michigan, a 23.5 mile trail with one end about 26 miles from Detroit’s […]

A Michigan man encounters a humanoid with bright yellow eyes lurking near his camper late at night. 2 nights later, he encounters the same being at a different location. I recently received the following account: “These encounters took place in May 2015. It was between 3-4 AM and had I walked outside of my camper […]

A Midland, Michigan woman has an encounter with MIB after she observe them forcing a girl into their car. The witness was abducted and taken to various locations. Bizarre account, all around. The following account was posted on the MUFON CMS: Midland, Michigan 1975-06-01 12:15PM: I was standing behind my screen door in the front […]

2 out-of-place blonde women are seen at a local yard sale in a gated community. The witness states that they were possible Nordic EBEs because of their odd behavior. The following account was recently reported to MUFON: Detroit, Michigan – “On Saturday October 24, 2020, my wife and I, as well as our next door […]

A teen girl, living on a farm near Todd Lake, Michigan, encounter a tall dog-like creature that was seen inside the family barn. The following account was forwarded to me by an investigator in Michigan: “The witness was a teenager at the time, and was sneaking cigarettes behind her parents’ home, near Todd Lake, northeast […]

An experienced hiker, while trekking along the Au Sable River in Michigan, encounters the scariest creature he has ever seen. I recently received the following account: “I was hiking along the Au Sable River in Michigan during the summer of 1999. This is in the counties of Oscoda, Alcona and Iosco. I remember one of […]

A group of older teens encounter a bizarre ‘ape man,’ possibly more canine, quadruped that they chase into a tree near Traverse City, Michigan.  I recently came across this bizarre account: “It was the summer of 1973. My dad had just graduated from high school (Waterford Township High) and he and a bunch of friends […]

A Michigan man was driving on I-75 in Mackinac County when he observes a large muscular creature crossing in front of him. Afterwards, a bright UFO quickly ascends into the sky. The following account was recently forward to me by a reader: “One night this past winter I was driving on I-75, a couple hundred yards […]

A man in Michigan encountered unknown beings that he believes were protecting him while he conducted his daily walk. What could these entities be? I recently received the following account: “Recently, I was walking up one of my longer road routes, and at one point, there is a small intersection. A fire road to your […]

A man in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan hears a nearby whooping sound and then, later that night, there are loud thumps on the outside wall of the house. Was it Bigfoot? The following account was recently forwarded to me: “This happened last week at my family’s homestead in the Keweenaw Peninsula of the Upper […]

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