A bizarre account involving a boy and his classmates, who shared a ride on an elevator in the New York State Museum…time slip and alternate reality included. I received the following account: “After hearing story after story of strange encounters with strange men dressed in black suits, I wanted to tell a story from my […]

This video was brought to our attention by a man who claims to be working as a security guard in an area of Alaska. The man claims that he managed to record something extremely fascinating on the surveillance cameras. It is about Men in Black. Men in Black are known for their bizarre and sometimes […]

“One day my two friends and I were out late on the levee (in Stockton, California) and we saw a bright “star” (it looked like a star) orbiting the sky VERY fast. As we watched, it stopped in mid-air. Then five more “stars” appeared. That’s when we realized they weren’t stars, they were lights; lit […]

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