2 woman were driving home at night near Wichita, Kansas when they encountered a huge canine cryptid standing on the side of a country road. I recently received the following account: “My daughter, who was still living at home in her first year of cosmetology school, and a friend had gone to Wichita, Kansas to […]

Just west of Lawrence, Kansas is the hamlet of Stull. The Old Stull Cemetery is said to be a Devil’s playground and one of the portals to Hell. Though ‘Big Red’ as never actually been seen, he has supposedly been the cause of several weird incidents, including buildings mysteriously catching on fire; horrific noises recorded; […]

2 eyewitness accounts, one in Nebraska and the other in Kansas, are in American Midwest locations not necessarily known for Bigfoot encounters “I grew up near Niobrara, Nebraska not far from the river. My brother and I were able to do a lot back then. We were outside year around. We really enjoyed fishing in […]

The following report was forwarded to me several years ago. Since this was a Bigfoot report from Kansas, it piqued my interest. I don’t believed I have received any further reports from that state: When I was in high school, my uncle and I would hunt deer and turkey in eastern Kansas. In 1999 we […]

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