The brave victims of this ordeal have allowed me to disclose their story. They have also agreed to have their names made public. This case was presented publicly for the first time during an emotional interview that was broadcast live on Beyond The Edge Radio on June 15th, 2014: In February 2013, while I was assisting another investigative […]

A woman and her daughters are at a resort/casino pool. They notice a strange woman walking around the pool, then asking bizarre questions. What happens next is unexplained! The following account was referred to me. Very bizarre: “I’m almost 100% positive my mom, sister, and a pool guy saw some sort of “shape shifter” or […]

A strange series of event in Davenport, Iowa along the Mississippi River, where witnesses describe a ‘tentacled’ entity emerging from the water. They dubbed it ‘The Davenport Demon.’ Here’s a strange account that was forwarded to me by a reader: “It was the year 1964 in Davenport, Iowa. A decent-sized city, it lay on the […]

A young woman living in an old farmhouse in northeast Iowa describes the paranormal activity experienced by her deceased mother and herself over the years. This includes an encounter with a skinny grey humanoid. The following information was forwarded to me in 2016: “I am going to write this on behalf of my mother, who […]

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