2 humanoids dressed oversized pale blue overalls are encountered while driving on I-10 between La Cruces and Deming, New Mexico. The witnesses experienced burning pains in their chests and arms. In a late June or July 1972, in Deming, New Mexico, Mrs. Hilda McAfee and her mother, driving in the direction of Las Cruces where, […]

According to local legends, somewhere in this vast area lives a group of people called the ‘Squallies.’ They are said to be short, human-like creatures with a pig-like snout. A few years ago, I received the following information from a reader, referencing a legend near the Florida Everglades. I have updated the post with more […]

3 separate frightening encounters with human-like beings on Sugarloaf Mountain, Arkansas, New York’s Adirondacks and in Rossville, Illinois. “Years ago, while hiking with my girlfriend in a very isolated area on Sugarloaf Mountain, Arkansas, we discovered we were being stalked. It was late in the day, not dark yet, but getting there. We were on […]

3 weird encounters with unknown humanoids and entities. One was described as a ‘Rake’, another as a human mimic and finally a thin running being. “June 14, 2020 – 2:00 am – I heard dog barking. Went outside to see what the dog was carrying on about. I followed the dog to the edge of […]

Small crawling humanoids attack a house on the Navajo reservation in Arizona. It is believed that these shapeshifting entities were the result of an old curse placed on the family My story took place several years ago when we lived on the Rez in Arizona. My entire family had gotten together for my Mom’s birthday […]

3 different frightening encounters with strange people or unknown humanoids in Tennessee, Long Island & Ohio The following strange accounts were recently found: “I’m staying in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee near the Smoky Mountains right now, in a cabin in the woods. There are other cabins nearby, though. I was dead asleep last night and my […]

The ‘Fortean Feature’ series will highlight the readers’ favorite and most read posts from the past 15 years on ‘Phantoms & Monsters.’ Each featured post will be updated to include new information that is relevant to the subject. Some mythical creatures have their origin in tradition, legends and tales from the distant past. However, each […]

I recently came across the following account: My mum is from the Philippines and there are many tales of supernatural creatures roaming every stretch of the country. Most sound ludicrous and exaggerated, but none more so than the “Duende” and the experience I am going to relay. My grandmother kept some chickens and dogs, who […]

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