2 young Navajo men in Utah are out late at night in a nearby canyon, when they encounter a tall misshapen humanoid that was walking ahead of them and mumbling. Here is another account from the old Jc Johnson database: This happened to my older brother, who we can call ‘Danny.’ It was back in […]

A young woman living in an old farmhouse in northeast Iowa describes the paranormal activity experienced by her deceased mother and herself over the years. This includes an encounter with a skinny grey humanoid. The following information was forwarded to me in 2016: “I am going to write this on behalf of my mother, who […]

A teen in northern Wisconsin encounters a furry humanoid in the woods near their house. They had never been afraid of the outdoors until this shocking incident. The following account was recently forwarded to me: “I saw a humanoid or something in the woods outside my childhood home. This was rural northern Wisconsin and I […]

A 13 year old boy is at a rifle range cleaning up expended shells. He hears a noise coming from a tree trunk and encounters a pale grayish humanoid. I came across the following account: This happened in the summer of 2003 (I was 13) during one of my stays at a YMCA camp in […]

A Dewitt County, Texas resident is walking around his town at night, when he suddenly encounters a bizarre pale white crawling humanoid. He believes that the being is stalking him and causing a string of bad luck. The following account was recently forwarded to me: “This encounter took place on January 12th, 2019 in Dewitt […]

4 friends are driving along an old road at night near Bay Minette in Baldwin County, Alabama when they encounter a large pale quadruped humanoid standing in the middle of the road. A reader referred me to the following account. I contacted the witness to confirm the incident: “This incident took place in lower Alabama […]

A Washington County, Wisconsin woman encounters a 4 foot tall hairless upright humanoid near the Holy Hill Basilica area. Back in October 2014, the following account was posted on a group page on Facebook: “At the urging of friends I am reaching out to you about an encounter me and my teen daughter had at […]

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