A man in New Orleans recalls the ‘ghost lady’ that he regularly encountered and talked to when he was a child living in Forney, Texas. The following account was recently forwarded to me: “My name is JP and I currently live in New Orleans, but I’m originally from Texas; about 30 minutes east of Dallas, […]

A Pulaski, Tennessee native describes his lifetime of unexplained encounters, including Bigfoot, ghosts, UFOs and alien beings. The investigation was conducted by Marcus Ellis. The following report was submitted by Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research team member Marcus Ellis: The following case was assigned to me by team leader Lon Strickler on 12/01/2020 Witness Interview […]

By Kent McCaman – One evening in November of 1991, while enjoying a nice walk on my first visit to London, I nearly bumped into a woman. She stood facing me within armʼs reach. I was shocked that she was suddenly there but pleased that I didnʼt topple her to the ground. Holding a small purse, […]

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