A rural Haralson County, Georgia resident has encountered an unknown hairy being around their property. There have been reports of animal attacks in the area as well. Is it a Bigfoot, or something else? I following account was recently forwarded to me: “I live in rural Haralson County in northwest Georgia. One night as I […]

2 different scary reports that include strange sounds of a crying baby that change in direction, as well as a spelunker encountering human bones and glowing eyes in the darkness. I recently came across the following accounts: “This was back in the day of no cars for the poor folk in the Appalachians of north […]

2 different Bigfoot encounters by witnesses in Washington and Georgia. A Bigfoot observed shaking a tree violently and then a Lemur-faced Sasquatch blocking the path along the Appalachian Trail. I recently came across the following accounts: “Was looking at mountains on Peakbagger mid-August. Decided to climb a rather large mountain near Springer, Georgia, the southern […]

Before the United States’ involvement in WWII, the military training at Camp Stewart, Georgia experienced the presence of upright canines Hi Lon – enjoy reading your newsletter and thought I would send a story my Grandfather John told me. In 1940 he volunteered for active duty and was later shipped off to Camp Stewart, Georgia. […]

A young witness encounters a huge Bigfoot while living with his grandparents on a mountain in Floyd County, Georgia. He and a friend have another run-in with the creature years later. The following account was recently forwarded to me: “Back in 2007 my grandparents and I lived up on a mountain in Floyd County in […]

A hunter in rural Georgia encounter an unknown biped hairy creature that dropped all four and charged the eyewitness. Was this a Bigfoot…or something else?I recently found the following account: “I come from a family of hunters. It was not uncommon for my mom and stepdad to go out early morning and not come home […]

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