I received the following account back in 2013 and have made references to it on previous occasions. Please read and help me with possible follow-up information. These incidents occurred in suburban Sarasota, Florida: The other story I want to tell you was a series of incidents with my siblings and I. As I said before […]

An experiencer recalls a series of bizarre encounters while visiting Navarre Beach, Florida with other families in 1977. Was this a MIB encounter, followed by an abduction?  The following account was forwarded to me. I believe it may have originally been a submitted report: “During my spring break of 1977 my family and three other […]

A elderly Florida man notices spots on his body when he takes a shower. He suddenly recalls the abductions, past and present, he had endured for over 60 years. I recently received the following account: “I woke up around 8 AM on September 29, 2018 and did all my usual chores, made coffee, got the […]

A woman in North Fort Myers, Florida has been experiencing unknown bizarre sounds around her property recently. She asks if it could be a ‘crawler.’ I found the following request on social media. Weird…does anyone have any answers?: “Can somebody tell me what a pale humanoid ‘crawler’ would typically sound like? I ask because I […]

A Lee County, Florida resident encounters a Skunk Ape on Thanksgiving night 2020 after several incidents of activity around his property. I recently received the following report: “Lee County, Florida: This has been ongoing for months, but this is what has happened so far. The 1st night this all started was a few months ago. […]

A teen boy and his mother are driving early in the morning to school when they notice 3 black eyed kids in strange school uniforms standing at the entrance to their neighborhood. The following account was forwarded to me: “This happened back in high school, during my junior year. I lived near Jasper in north […]

A family from the west coast was driving through Florida’s Apalachicola National Forest at night, when they spot blood on the highway and a ‘werewolf’ hunched over and feeding on a deer. The following account was sent to me: “I was traveling Hwy 10 from the California on the west coast to south Florida. I […]

A group of friends are riding a truck in mudflats in Royal Palm Beach, Florida when they get stuck. They are huddled in the truck when they encounter a huge Bigfoot that charges them. This account was recently forwarded to me. I’m not sure where it came from, but I’m presenting ‘as is’: “I’ve been […]

  A Florida girl and her friend encounter a male deer that stands on it back legs and hops across the road. After many years, she is still troubled by what she saw. I recently came across this interesting account: “I’ve never shared my story, as I’m not sure what it was. I don’t live […]

The following interesting report comes from 1957 in St. Petersburg, Florida. A couple states that they observed a bright reddish white ‘flying manta ray’ in the early morning sky above the city. “Flying Manta Ray Over Florida” Dazzling White Lights, Moving Bodies, Things Soundless Seen Over City A dazzling white light in the sky yesterday […]

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