The following interesting report comes from 1957 in St. Petersburg, Florida. A couple states that they observed a bright reddish white ‘flying manta ray’ in the early morning sky above the city. “Flying Manta Ray Over Florida” Dazzling White Lights, Moving Bodies, Things Soundless Seen Over City A dazzling white light in the sky yesterday […]

According to local legends, somewhere in this vast area lives a group of people called the ‘Squallies.’ They are said to be short, human-like creatures with a pig-like snout. A few years ago, I received the following information from a reader, referencing a legend near the Florida Everglades. I have updated the post with more […]

A witness and others boarding horses around the Pensacola, Florida area have observed crawling pale humanoids at several locations at night. The creature I’m about to describe has never tried harming me, but it has often times made me feel unsafe and threatened. As the years have passed, I’ve began paying less mind to it […]

The following report was been submitted by Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research member Danielle Auclair, who is a Bigfoot, cryptid & paranormal investigator in southwest Florida. Southwest Florida – Possible Skunk Ape Encounter Location: Estero, Florida – between Coconut and Williams Rd. next to Estero Bay Date: August 2006 Time: 10:30 pm I am an […]

For over a decade, a family has several encounters with a ‘werewolf’ or ‘wolfman’ at various locations in Hillsborough County, Florida I recently received the following account: “This incident occurred during the winter of 1991 in Hillsborough County, Florida. My mother, one of my cousins and I were coming back from a school concert. At […]

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