2 young men encounter an upright canine while at their family cabin in northwest Wisconsin. The incident left one of the witnesses wary of the woods. “My sighting occurred southeast of our cabin near Danbury, Wisconsin. The cryptid was very wolf-like and it definitely was not a bear. As well as I’m pretty sure wolves […]

A woman is driving to a friend’s house on Christmas night, when she encounters tall lean ‘walker’ humanoid that screams as she passes by. This occurred in upstate New York. The following account was recently forwarded to me: “This incident occurred on Christmas night 2007 at our family home in upstate New York. The day […]

The following report was forwarded to me several years ago. Since this was a Bigfoot report from Kansas, it piqued my interest. I don’t believed I have received any further reports from that state: When I was in high school, my uncle and I would hunt deer and turkey in eastern Kansas. In 1999 we […]

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