5 bizarre and unexplained UFO / UAP / extraterrestrial encounter accounts, occurring in Kansas, Texas, Ohio, Ontario & Wisconsin. Have you ever experienced anything similar to these reports? The following account were forwarded to me or recently posted at MUFON: “The green glowing cylindrical object followed my car all the way to our farmhouse 8 […]

A pregnant Finnish woman begins to bleed profusely because of a haematoma. After leaving the hospital, she still experiences difficulties. She then states that she was ‘healed’ by an extraterrestrial being. The following account was posted less than 24 hours ago on social media. I am in the process of contacting the experiencer: “I live […]

On January 18, 1978 – Fort Dix/McGuire AFB, New Jersey – The primary eyewitness in the case, Jeffrey Morse, alleged that he had been working as a security policeman at McGuire AFB when he was notified about UFO activity over Fort Dix Army base. Morse alleged that he heard that a non-human entity had been […]

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