2 young men encounter an upright canine while at their family cabin in northwest Wisconsin. The incident left one of the witnesses wary of the woods. “My sighting occurred southeast of our cabin near Danbury, Wisconsin. The cryptid was very wolf-like and it definitely was not a bear. As well as I’m pretty sure wolves […]

Before the United States’ involvement in WWII, the military training at Camp Stewart, Georgia experienced the presence of upright canines Hi Lon – enjoy reading your newsletter and thought I would send a story my Grandfather John told me. In 1940 he volunteered for active duty and was later shipped off to Camp Stewart, Georgia. […]

A Wise River, Montana resident encounters a 7+ ft red eyed upright canine / dogman cryptid while outside his home one late night in July 2015. The following account was recently forwarded to me: “This incident occurred along the Wise River in Montana (the actual address is 61720 MT Highway 43, Wise River, MT 59762). […]

A Texas resident recalls 2 bizarre encounters, one with a cryptid big cat and the other with a upright canine shapeshifter. I received the following accounts from the same Texas witness: Believe it or don’t, these things happened, and I have never been able to explain them away. To briefly open, I am 60 years […]

For over a decade, a family has several encounters with a ‘werewolf’ or ‘wolfman’ at various locations in Hillsborough County, Florida I recently received the following account: “This incident occurred during the winter of 1991 in Hillsborough County, Florida. My mother, one of my cousins and I were coming back from a school concert. At […]

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