David Eckhart

A group of friends, camping outside of Pittsburg, Kansas, have a frightening encounter with a 7 ft upright canine. The beast chases them as they flee on 4-wheelers. I recently received the following account: “I was camping with some friends of mine just outside the city limits for Pittsburg, Kansas and we went out riding […]

NOTE: Since David Eckhart will my guest on Arcane Radio this coming Friday, I decided to dig out an archived article I wrote in 2014 in reference to extraterrestrial hieroglyphics and petroglyphs: My April 14, 2010 post The Eckhart Encounters – Further Evidence included images of alien symbols that the experiencer had witnessed and written down. In […]

Recent digital capture of a portal opening at David Eckhart’s residence (above) For many years, you may have read about my work with David Eckhart and the ordeal he has endured during that time. I have written David’s story in my book Alien Disclosure: Experiencers Expose Reality. I have also interviewed David on Arcane Radio […]

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