A couple decided to hike a trail on their way home from a vacation in Nashville, Tennessee. During their walk they encountered a scary grunting cryptid crouched behind a boulder. I came across this post recently: “My girlfriend and I were taking a weekend vacation to Nashville, Tennessee last November 2019. As we were driving […]

A Shenandoah Valley, Virginia woman has been hearing strange ‘talking’ coming from outside her home. Her friend believes that it may be either a Dogman or Bigfoot. Any thoughts? The following account was recently referred to me: “My co-worker told me about this. She and her boyfriend have recently moved to the country, about an […]

A 6 ft+ menacing winged cryptid torments a native family on several occasions on their property in British Columbia. What was it? The following interesting account was recently posted on social media and referred to me by a reader: “My grandfather was a badass. He was born in Alberta during the early ’30s, and raised […]

The witness describes encountering, and then chased, by an unknown entity or cryptid while hiking along Beaver Lake in Memphis, Tennessee. The following account was recently forwarded to me: “It was just before Halloween 2019. Now, let me start by saying I’m not an avid outdoorsman. I love hiking, and I’ve spent countless hours in […]

For over a decade, a family has several encounters with a ‘werewolf’ or ‘wolfman’ at various locations in Hillsborough County, Florida I recently received the following account: “This incident occurred during the winter of 1991 in Hillsborough County, Florida. My mother, one of my cousins and I were coming back from a school concert. At […]

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