cryptid canine

A Pottstown, Pennsylvania resident and her friends have had sightings and strange encounters with a canine cryptid at various times and locations. We are investigating. I recently received the following information: “I was born and raised in Pottstown, PA and currently still live here. The sighting was an hour west from Philadelphia and half an […]

A Oregon woman and her friend are at a campground in a forested area near the coast. She encountered a hyena-like canine later during the night. I recently found the following account: “It was 2015 and I had gone camping with three friends. This was like the 3rd time camping ever, and we were at […]

I received the following account back in 2013 and have made references to it on previous occasions. Please read and help me with possible follow-up information. These incidents occurred in suburban Sarasota, Florida: The other story I want to tell you was a series of incidents with my siblings and I. As I said before […]

A witness in Maryville, Missouri recalls their encounter, in his neighborhood, with a cryptid dog that he and his father refer to ‘Wolf Boy.’ I recently received the following account: “I was standing outside of my home smoking a cigarette in Maryville, Missouri at approximately 3 AM in August 2010. The streetlights cast a yellow […]

A National Guardsman, stationed in Duluth, Minnesota, described as a huge cryptid wolf / canine while patrolling the base at night. What could it have been? I recently received the following account: “This incident occurred in the winter of 1999 while I was stationed at the Duluth (MN) Air National Guard Base. I was in […]

A teen and his stepdad observe a cryptid canine in their garden one night in Essex, UK. Later on, the witness and his friend encounter the same creature at a local farm. The following account was recently forwarded to me: “I grew up in the countryside near Chelmsford in Essex, UK in 1993. We lived […]

A witness is driving on a local road between high corn near Decatur, Illinois when a cryptid canine steps out onto the road. It eventually rises upright and walks back into the field. The following account was reported to a local investigator in 1983: “The witness pulled out of her driveway onto Needle Road in […]

2 accounts of possible cryptid canines encountered in and around Arlington, Ohio (Hancock County) by different witnesses. I found the founding account: “When I was a teen back in the early 2000s I had a great fascination with werewolves. My uncle told me of this time when he and a friend were driving around Arlington, […]

2 different witness accounts from Cass County, Texas. Both were night sightings and seemed to involved an upright cryptid canine. I found the following accounts recently: “I was driving on a rural road in Cass County, Texas. There was not a lot of traffic that night, so she had her bright lights on. We were […]

A man in north Alabama has been seeing a variety of strange creatures recently. An orange eyed wolf-like being was spotted watching him through a window. This account was posted on social media this past weekend. I have contacted the witness, asking for any additional information: “I’ve always had weird experiences, be it ghosts or […]

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