He was a fugitive “A counselor at my college in Michigan faked his identity for over 40 years. He was a civil rights organizer in San Francisco in the 1960s and ended up in a shoot out with police. None of the police were injured but he was shot in the foot apparently. He was […]

Ellen Greenberg was a 27-year-old elementary school teacher living in Philadelphia, PA with her fiancé Sam Goldberg, a producer for NBC. On January 26, 2011 Ellen left her job early due to heavy snow hitting the area. She returned to her apartment and was with Sam Goldberg until 4:45pm when he left to go to […]

Dad’s creepy girlfriend “‘I like it when you’re here, not the other lady. She’s mean and she makes me sit in the closet.” This little girl was referring to her dad’s girlfriend. I told the dad about it and never saw the girlfriend around again.” — hydrangeasinbloom The official babysitter of the local swinger’s club […]

In 1994, Jeffrey Reddick was trying to break into Hollywood as a screenwriter and The X-Files was in its heyday. Reddick did what many aspiring writers do and wrote a spec script for the show, this is a kind of professional fanfiction that can actually get made if the people in charge like it. He […]

Why was it boarded up? “My dad’s cousin and her husband bought an old Victorian house about 15 years ago with plans to renovate it, restore it, and sell it. They’d been living in it for about a month when they were outside just staring and having that “I can’t believe what we got ourselves […]

The final season of Mad Men aired in 2015, but some fans still have questions about how things ended up for certain characters. Megan Draper, in particular, didn’t get a very good ending to her run on the show. Don’s second ex-wife was a fan favorite when the two first got together, but through their […]

The Trailside Killer David Joseph Carpenter, known as the Trailside Killer, wasn’t an especially prolific serial killer. The reason we remember this case is because the profile the FBI developed for Carpenter was eerily specific and spot on. It’s one of the earliest cases where profiling was successfully used. After studying the series of murders, […]

Closing time creep “I had one guy who would come in every night, buy one drink, sit in the corner and take about 4 hours over it. Yes 4 hours. Anyway we got used to him and just brushed it off as harmless. He never spoke never really moved to be honest. After about 2 […]

June 30, 2011 was a busy day for 25-year-old Stephen Mark McDaniel. That day, McDaniel was charged with burglary for stealing condoms from neighbors in the Macon, Georgia apartment complex where he lived. He had used a master key to enter the apartments and help himself to whatever trinkets he found inside. One year earlier, […]

In 1928, Alfred Loewenstein was the third richest man in the world. The Belgian financier made his fortune by being an early investor in electric power and artificial silk. On July 4, 1928, Loewenstein boarded his private plane at the Croydon Airport in England, where he lived. The plan was to take the plane to […]

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