crawler humanoids

4 separate accounts of ‘crawler’ humanoids in Connecticut, Missouri and Queensland, Australia. What do these beings want? Are they seeking attention? Your thoughts. The following accounts were recently posted on various social media: “I saw something on the side of the road while riding in my dad’s car tonight (3/18/2021) in Loudon County, Connecticut. I’m […]

A witness and others boarding horses around the Pensacola, Florida area have observed crawling pale humanoids at several locations at night. The creature I’m about to describe has never tried harming me, but it has often times made me feel unsafe and threatened. As the years have passed, I’ve began paying less mind to it […]

A Missouri man describes a recent encounter he had with a pale humanoid that moved on all fours. This was not the only local incident with these beings. I recently came across the following account: “I live in southern Missouri and I had a unexplained experience with my brother last year. My brother got a […]

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