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The great divide has once again reached down into Ufology. Tom Delonge’s recent statements regarding episode 6 of Unidentified have caused a stir. Claims of a UFO shooting down a helicopter have caused confusion and outrage, despite not yet being examined or confirmed. The old ‘threat’ argument has raised its ugly head, with people refusing […]

Melinda Snodgrass got the idea for her science fiction novel The High Ground when she started thinking about how awful human beings can be. “I had a sudden vision of this nine-foot-tall alien ant-like creature with mandibles and claws—just a hideous, horrifying creature,” Snodgrass says in Episode 370 of the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast. “And it was […]

Urban exploration is easily my favorite trend on the internet. Photographers from all over the world have taken to their own backyards and wandered the abandoned buildings and towns nearby. It’s easy to see why these abandoned buildings have become the scene in front of the camera because they are not only beautiful, but incredibly […]

In this video, we see the automatic and conditioned reaction of the astronaut who calmed his colleague immediately with an apparent sense of urgency before she could even utter a scream. At an analysis of the video, we can see the first astronaut from Italy Samantha Cristoforetti, who shouts a scream during the docking maneuvers […]

A top Nasa scientist said the space agency needs to be “more aggressive” in the hunt for alien life A NASA scientist admits that it’s entirely possible aliens have already visited Earth – and we simply never noticed. [embedded content] The space expert also noted that not all UFO sightings can be “explained or denied”, […]

Decades-old questions about the potential existence of fantastical anti-gravity propulsion technologies have resurfaced following the Navy’s own disclosure of encounters with unidentified aerial phenomena and our own original reporting on a series of bizarre patents assigned to the U.S. Navy that seem to defy our current understanding of physics and aerospace propulsion. While the discussion continues over whether any such technologies are feasible, the truth is […]

When Dwight Eisenhower was elected president in 1952, outgoing president Harry Truman informed him of an important secret: Days before the election the United States had tested the world’s first hydrogen bomb in the Pacific. The nation now possessed a weapon roughly a hundred times as powerful as any before—and almost nobody else knew. Eight years later, when […]

The Benben stone is an object found in the mythology of ancient Egypt. It is a stone with a conical shape and, according to some theorists, may be of extraterrestrial origin. The Benben stone is also an architectural term, describing the name given to the tip of an obelisk or the capstone placed on top of a […]

Tomorrow’s wars will be faster, more high-tech, and less human than ever before. Welcome to a new era of machine-driven warfare. Wallops island—a remote, marshy spit of land along the eastern shore of Virginia, near a famed national refuge for horses—is mostly known as a launch site for government and private rockets. But it also […]

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