A recent filing with the SEC from To the Stars Academy “raise doubts about the company’s ability to continue.” To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences, an organization co-founded by former Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge to study UFOs and other “mysteries of the universe,” may be on the verge of collapse. According to a biannual financial report filed […]

Agenda 21 is a controversial program, which was adopted at the beginning of the last century, aiming at the urban development of the signatory states. Agenda 21 was elaborated and signed by many countries in 1922. From then until now the points of this project have been changed decisively. The implementation by the local administration […]

Many people with Rh-negative blood feel like they ‘don’t belong’ on Earth. Now there’s a growing belief that we know why More than one scientist has, over the years, wondered why humans are so different to any other animals on Earth. Now one man thinks he has the answer. Dr Ellis Silver has developed an […]

A man named Quisto, living in a small village near Berlin, Germany found a usb stick with a strange symbol carved into it on a parking lot near the so-called “Steintor”. Later on he put the usb stick in his laptop opened it and to his surprise he saw many old 1900’s images of what […]

The Facts:In 2019 UFOs became mainstream. But this truth had already been known for many decades. Collective consciousness is ready now more than ever for contact, and you’re being prepared for that. Reflect On:Why is humanity so deeply interested in the UFO and ET subject. Sure, you might say there is an ‘agenda’ with ET […]

What would you look up if you had access to the entire database of the United States Secret Service? War crimes? Institutional abuses of powers? The truth behind conspiracy theories? Well, you’re in luck. Whistleblower and former CIA employee Edward Snowden has done a lot of that for you. In 2013, Snowden leaked highly classified information from […]

The fact that Aliens are walking among us not a secret anymore. The aliens are shapeshifters, and we can’t see them as they really are, they prefer to remain undetected by the sleeping population that we call sheeple. Cameras can see what human eye can not. In this CCTV footage we got two alien humanoids […]

PSA for all the Area 51 stormers, chemtrail believers and climate change deniers: Edward Snowden has searched the depths of the US intelligence networks and can report the conspiracy theories are not true. As a former employee of the CIA and contractor for the National Security Agency, Snowden had access to some of the nation’s […]

Mark Zuckerberg hosted his first ever Facebook Live Q&A today. And it went about as well as you’d expect. One of the key things we learned? Mark Zuckerberg is not a lizard person. Or so he says. The hour-long Q&A has been viewed by nearly 6 million people, and it even had a celebrity cameo in […]

Have you ever woken up in the dark in an unfamiliar place and felt like something was wrong? That tinny adrenaline taste in your mouth, the taste of fear coursing through your body. In Warsaw, back in October 2016, I experienced this every night. I’d wake up in my hotel room to see someone standing […]

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