Chicago Mothman

Two women and several other witnesses encounter a red-eyed winged humanoid along the Lake Michigan at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium. The description closely resembles other sightings over the years. The following report was received by Phantoms & Monster Fortean Research member and UFO Clearinghouse founder Manuel Navarette: “I was out for our regular evening walk with […]

A south Chicago man notices a winged entity in the sky above him as he exits a metro bus. He follows the entity into Jackson Park until it flies off over Lake Michigan. I recently talked to the eyewitness of the following account: I received a telephone call in regards to a winged being sighting […]

A group of friends in Waukegan see a pair of bright red eyes in the nearby bushes at a local skate park. When they investigate, they hear a strange sound and observe a 7 ft. tall winged humanoid that ascends skyward. The following report was received by Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research team member Manuel […]

An Hispanic woman and her mother observed, while watching from the window in a bedroom, a red-eyed winged humanoid perched on their back fence of their home in Schiller Park, Chicago. The following report was posted by Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research member Manuel Navarette at UFO Clearinghouse: Date of Sighting: October 26, 2020 Date […]

A man and his cousin were walking along E. Schaumburg Rd and decided to play Pokemon Go in the open area behind a local church. He then noticed a huge pair of wings and a humanoid body ascend into the sky. I received the following account on 10/16/2020: “Hello, I was just reading an article on […]

The following account was posted by Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research investigator Manuel Navarette on UFO Clearinghouse. A cargo company employee at O’Hare International Airport reports various unexplained sightings and encounters experienced by himself and others on the job. Any further interviews and information will be posted. This report was sent in to the UFO […]

A Carol Stream, Illinois resident observes a winged humanoid on 2 occasions. Once while it lifted into the air and the other when it flew in front of their vehicle. I received the following information recently: Has anyone from Carol Stream, Illinois (DuPage County – Chicago northwest suburbs) sent any sighting of the winged humanoid? […]

2 female employees were leaving their jobs at 2300 at O’Hare International Airport when they noticed a large winged being flying overhead in the parking lot. When it landed in front of the pair, it feigned an attack that stunned the women. Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research team investigator Manuel Navarette posted the following on […]

A Native American couple are viciously attacked by an unknown winged humanoid while driving in Chicago in 2005. Because of their culture, they believed that this may have been a Skinwalker. The following account was originally reported as a comment to a YouTube video that described the early Chicago winged humanoid sightings. The text was […]

In June 2016, a witness observes a huge winged humanoid gliding over the Carl Schurz High School in the Irving Park neighborhood of north Chicago. I received the following information from the witness ‘TS’ in reference to her sighting of a winged humanoid in June 2016. TS was driving north on N. Milwaukee Ave at […]

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