A Winnipeg resident describes as abduction event which was shared by several other experiencers, including subsequent activity aboard a disc-shaped craft. Very detailed. The following account was recently forwarded to me: “Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 1989 -1992: I’ve searched the web for many years trying to find reference to an experience I had in the […]

A First Nations member recalls a bizarre encounter that his family had with 2 ‘crocodile people’ while staying at their grandparent’s home on a reservation in Canada. The following account was recently offered on social media: “I’m a First Nations person (Cree) from a reservation in Canada. I grew up in different reserves with different […]

A trail cam video from western Alberta, Canada was recently released. Could this be an actual Bigfoot? This is a recently released trail cam video from a rural area in western Alberta, Canada. Four cameras were installed in the forest to keep tracks of the movement of wild wolves. The biologist who was working on […]

2 terrifying incidents with cryptid canines in Quebec, Canada. Both very close encounters in which each witness got a clear view of the beasts. I recently came across the following encounter reports: “An old friend and I saw a dogman in the Centre écologique Fernand-Seguin in Chateauguay in Quebec, Canada. It was the summer of […]

A young camper is approached by a tall pale humanoid while sitting on a trail bench in the Ovens National Park in Nova Scotia at night. Was it a spirit or an actual living being? “Before this incident, I had never had a paranormal experience in my life. That being said, my boyfriend seems to […]

Tobias Wayland at The Singular Fortean Society, who is also a team member of Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research, was contacted recently by ‘Karri,’ a woman who said that, in the late summer of 2009, she and her then-partner were travelling from Kenora, Ontario, to Winnipeg, Manitoba, in Canada, when they saw a “large, human, […]

Here are a few recently reported Bigfoot incidents: Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA “Let me tell you. There are many things that can’t be explained, and so many beings we don’t know are alive. I want to say it was 12 years ago in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I went to the outhouse, I […]

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