A group of friends hike into an area known as Lake of the Woods near Frazier Park, California and set up camp. They experience rock throwing into the campsite as well as seeing the shadow of a large being. The following account was recently forwarded to me: “I grew up in the San Fernando Valley […]

A man was house sitting his grandparents’ property in Madera County, California. When he decided to go fishing at one of the watering holes, he encountered a creature that resembled a Shunka Warakin. The following report was submitted to a colleague’s email, and then forwarded to me: “In 2016 I was house sitting my grandparents’ ranch […]

A Southern California boy encounters a little bearded man while riding his bike. The man suddenly scurries away into the weeds, never to be seen again. By Kent McCaman – Back in 1971, I was riding my bicycle on a sunny California afternoon in tranquil Palos Verdes Estates. I stopped my bike at the side […]

The following accounts are winged cryptid sightings from or near various Native American reservations throughout the United States “Flying Creature. The first sighting I had was in 2011 (in Northern California). I was going for an evening walk and noticed something fly over the road that’s nearby. It was barely visible and as dark as […]

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