British Columbia

3 different accounts of cryptid and other unexplained phenomenon in British Columbia, Canada. These include a Sasquatch encounter, a white biped cryptid and phantom voices. The following accounts were recently provided to me: “My grandfather had witnessed for himself the tremendous size and strength of a Sasquatch for the first time in 1951. At the […]

I recently came across a part of an article that was written by a columnist in 1984 in reference to a Mermaid encounter. This event was reported to have taken place on New Year’s Eve of 1969. The witness was a very close friend of the news columnist who told the tale after his friend’s death. […]

3 separate Bigfoot encounter accounts in Colorado, Texas and British Columbia. The scenarios include wood knocking, strange howling and predation. These accounts were recently posted on various social media sites: “I’ve lived around the Rocky Mountains all my life. I have also done a lot of camping. I’ve always been into Bigfoot shows and heard […]

A couple living, in northern British Columbia, encounter a tall pale humanoid as they are pulling out of their driveway. There was a later incident as well, so the being is most likely living nearby. I recently came across the following account. I forwarded a follow up request to the witness: “This happened to me […]

A young woman has a terrifying encounter with a grinning black eyed man on Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver, British Columbia. She was so frightened that she called her boyfriend to come get her. I recently came across the following account: “It was the summer of 1986, and I had just graduated from high school. I […]

A 6 ft+ menacing winged cryptid torments a native family on several occasions on their property in British Columbia. What was it? The following interesting account was recently posted on social media and referred to me by a reader: “My grandfather was a badass. He was born in Alberta during the early ’30s, and raised […]

The eyewitness is terrified by a large white crawling emaciated humanoid while vacationing at Lake Kootenay, British Columbia The following account was recently forwarded to me: “To give you some background, my family owns a trailer home which sits on a cliff overlooking Lake Kootenay, in the south of the Canadian province of British Columbia. […]

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