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“I was asleep and I was having what I thought was a dream but there wasn’t anything weird happening. I was just talking to these two girls that I’ve never seen nor met before but we were just having a normal conversation. When we finished talking, I woke up and I just felt weird. I […]

“I had an incident in Tampa, Florida. A winged creature sighting. Driving to work early in the morning. It wasn’t dark but not quite daylight out. Going around a curve in a road knowing I’m coming up to a light (it’s always red and I always have to stop). For one of the only times […]

I have a story which has creeped me out since it’s happened, like some nights I’ll think about it and not be able to sleep. I’ll set the scene. It was summer of 2011 and I was a camp counselor at a small, private college that sponsors ACT classes for high school students. At this […]

“When I was 15, my dad and I were leaving a racetrack near San Diego. It was late (10 pm or so) and we had been racing all weekend (Jr. Drag Racing) so we were both exhausted. My dad was driving our motor home with our big toy hauler trailer behind it. I always sat […]

Was reading a recent post about Pterodactyl sightings and a lot were in Texas so I decided I should finally tell my short experience. And considering I happened to turn ‘Jurassic Park 3’ on right as the Pterodactyl scene was ending. I had some friends that lived in Glen Rose, TX who claimed they have […]

I recently received the following account. This is an update to the same account I received a few months ago, but this time it’s coming directly from the witness: I just wanted to start by saying I love the website and all of the stories. I first heard of the site while listening to Expanded […]

“I have had some supernatural experiences before but the one that changed my life was back in 1994. My cousin and I were living in an apartment. My cousin was really into church so I started going also back then. I was into some real dark stuff so it was a good change for me […]

“My husband and I saw a creature like this (winged humanoid) in Fort Bragg, California. We went to the beach at sunset and saw what looked like a six foot tall man standing on a huge boulder about 30 feet out in the ocean. And it had it’s back to us. It was standing with […]

“I saw one in Belchertown, Massachusetts, my home town, on one of the brightest moonlit nights. I live 8 miles from Quabbin Reservoir. My friend’s mom saw it 30 minutes before me while driving by the Quabbin. I think it was seen on radar being the Quabbin is a no fly zone. I saw several […]

“My friends dad, Lebanese, was attending his Marionite Catholic Church in St. Louis one evening back in the 90’s. He and one other man were in the church praying the rosary having quiet time. Some time had passed, and their eyes became focused toward the front alter of the church when suddenly, a man appeared. […]

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