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“It was the summer of 1970, I was 23 years old, I had no idea what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, so I hooked up with a military buddy of mine and we set out on a road trip from Chicago, Illinois to Victorville, California. My friend’s mom, dad and […]

Queensland, Australia. “About 18 years ago one night (in 2000) I was a sleep I felt myself getting sucked up into space it was dark and cold I was going very fast. Then I got sucked into a tube and I was flowing in this white really big round room about 10 stories high which […]

“I live in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. I was walking on the opening day of spring turkey 2015, 3:30 AM, and bumped some deer bedding down off the main trail across from a field. I saw 4 to 5 white tails jumping away and snort/wheezing about 25 yards in front of me, off to my left. […]

I recently received the following information: I have followed sightings since 1976. That year I encountered a creature I believed didn’t exist. The first incident I laughed off. My cousin came running into my bedroom one night, and jumped into bed with me, saying something big just walked by the window. I lived in a […]

I recently received the following information: I’ve had a sighting of a very large bat creature. I was traveling not far from my home on the reservation where I noticed something flickering in the sky. Then this thing appeared about 200 ft in front of my car, standing about 12 ft. tall with a wingspan […]

“I saw the exact sky snake object. I was standing ground level and saw it by my naked eye on May 25 (2019) at around 10:00 through 11:00. It was clocking in at about 10 football fields long. I saw windows and beings. It was undulating in an ascending way. But the best part it […]

I live in Utah and a few months ago I had seen a couple strange creatures in the span of a few weeks to a month tops. I want to make this post mainly about the one that confuses me the most. it confuses me because I cant really find anything online that resembles this […]

I recently found the following bizarre account: When I was 13 my Mom decided I would be going to military boarding school. It was located north of Mexico in a place called Durango. Durango is known because is home to many creepy things (drug cartels, the zone of silence, ghost towns, UFO sightings, etc). I […]

“This happened when I was 16 or so I’m 28 now. I was in trouble from drinking alcohol. As a result I was on house arrest with an ankle bracelet and had to get home after school and stay there unless I was working at my job which I had all scheduled with my probation […]

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