bizarre encounter

A father and son are hunting hogs on a private ranch near Uvalde, Texas. They come across a brightly clothed mannequin and suddenly become overwhelmed by dread and fear. Very weird. What are your thoughts? I recently came across this bizarre account: “This happened when I was growing up, around 2004 or 2005 when I […]

A cautionary tale about an encounter with a black eyed kid. The witness was transfixed by the child’s request to be let into the apartment, but the pet cat’s violent reaction changed her mind. The following account was forwarded to me several years ago: “I read one of your posts about BEKs and I wanted […]

A military man had a bizarre encounter with dirty, smelly kid that he believed may have had some possible connection with the BEK experiences he has read about. I recently came across this strange account: “I have spent decades in the military intelligence community, so I don’t want to put out too much information about […]

A couple are exploring the woods at night, near Grant, Alabama, when they realize that they are being followed. On their way back to the house, a floating skull with bright white eyes appears. The following account was recently referred to me:“The date is August 9, 2020. I recently started dating this girl I meet […]

A young camper is approached by a tall pale humanoid while sitting on a trail bench in the Ovens National Park in Nova Scotia at night. Was it a spirit or an actual living being? “Before this incident, I had never had a paranormal experience in my life. That being said, my boyfriend seems to […]

2 strange reports of possible encounters with a Bigfoot. One involves wood knocking, the other is a running hairy hominid that suddenly vanishes. This happened a couple years ago during the late winter. I was way up in Vermont, close to the Canadian border at Smugglers Notch Ski Resort. Just for a tiny bit of […]

A series of events leads to an encounter with an unknown humanoid at the witness’ home. Was it a ‘Rake?’ Or possibly a ‘Wendigo?’ The lack of aggression seems to suggest neither. Read the account for yourself. An experience from the the past and something that happened tonight that scared the sh*t out of me. […]

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