bizarre encounter

A military man had a bizarre encounter with dirty, smelly kid that he believed may have had some possible connection with the BEK experiences he has read about. I recently came across this strange account: “I have spent decades in the military intelligence community, so I don’t want to put out too much information about […]

A couple are exploring the woods at night, near Grant, Alabama, when they realize that they are being followed. On their way back to the house, a floating skull with bright white eyes appears. The following account was recently referred to me:“The date is August 9, 2020. I recently started dating this girl I meet […]

A young camper is approached by a tall pale humanoid while sitting on a trail bench in the Ovens National Park in Nova Scotia at night. Was it a spirit or an actual living being? “Before this incident, I had never had a paranormal experience in my life. That being said, my boyfriend seems to […]

2 strange reports of possible encounters with a Bigfoot. One involves wood knocking, the other is a running hairy hominid that suddenly vanishes. This happened a couple years ago during the late winter. I was way up in Vermont, close to the Canadian border at Smugglers Notch Ski Resort. Just for a tiny bit of […]

A series of events leads to an encounter with an unknown humanoid at the witness’ home. Was it a ‘Rake?’ Or possibly a ‘Wendigo?’ The lack of aggression seems to suggest neither. Read the account for yourself. An experience from the the past and something that happened tonight that scared the sh*t out of me. […]

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